NWH Jobs Poland sp. Z o. o.  it was established in 2017.

We help our clients find the  honest employees.

From our clients we require honest job and good housing conditions for employees.

Contract of employment

on Dutch terms


in full swing

Accommodation in a cottage:

furnished, internet, tv

24-hour care


Commuting to work

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NWH Jobs Poland

NWH Jobs Poland sp. z o.o.


ul. Skarszewska 42/5, 62-800 Kalisz

Tel. 786 288 754 | mail: praca@nwhjobs.kalisz.pl


ul. Ogrodowa 39, 22-100 Chełm

Tel. 535 537 789 | mail: beata@nwhjobs.pl

numer certyfiaktu: 16824